L4ALL provides internship opportunities for university students or new graduates and also for vocational high school students.   

University students or graduates can apply individually or application can be done under the Erasmus + programme. 

Please find the presentation for detailed information to apply individually for the intern in London program for university students who hold nationality outside of the EEA.  

For vocational high school students, internship/training programmes can be organized under Erasmus +. 

Erasmus+ offers the opportunity for organisations to send vocational education and training (VET) learners to benefit from training and internships abroad.

These activities are open to VET learners (including apprentices) in vocational training organisations (VET providers). The programme strengthens the employability of VET learners and helps to facilitate their transition to the labour market. Recent graduates (less than 12 months after graduation) can also participate in the activities, whıch can take the form of full work placements with learners hosted in a company or other relevant organisation, or traınıng at a VET provider (a school, institute or other organisation providing vocational education and training) offering a combination of school-based learning and a strong work-based component (work placements).

L4ALL provides a real work environment and vocational training for each participant according to their CV, education and previous work experience, all taking place within the network of vocational schools, companies and educational organisations in London and other European cities. Please go to the locations page to see other cities in which we can provide internship and training.

L4ALL works wıthın the following sectors:

Art and Design
Business,Management, Accounting
Catering and Hospitality
Child Development, Preschool Learning Support
Computing and Information Technology
Construction and Installation
Fashion and Textile
Hairdressing and Beauty
Health and Social Care
Media and Photography
Sales and Marketing
Travel and Tourism


Intern in London (pdf)