We plan and implement projects in the field of general education, vocational training and social subjects in major cities across Europe in collaboration with solution partners which we have built up over a decade. The internship or training offered depends on the strength of sectors within a given country.

We work extensively within the following cities and sectors:

London is L4ALL’s home city. Here, we provide the full range of learning opportunities: internships, vocational training, language courses, seminars and events. We work within a fantastic network of schools, companies, organisations and professional individuals.

Stockholm, as the country's capital, is at the centre of education in Sweden. It hosts more international, private and independent schools than any other Swedish city. We organize training looking at the general education system of Sweden, which is one of the best education models in the world. We also offer vocational education subjects and internships in the fields of preschool teaching assistant, health and social care, tourism, food preparation, information and media technology, computer and communication technology, electricity and energy, welding, construction, installation works and automotive.

Berlin is consıdered by many the culture and art capital of Europe. The city hosts many projects in the fields of art, culture, education, social works as well as innovation, technical and vocational subjects. In collaboration wıth our local solution partner, we organize seminars and training programmes for teachers and other professionals active in the fields of international youth work, education or vocational training and also internships for vocational high school students.

Barcelona  is recognized as one of Europe’s leading cities for ICTs, media, energy, agrifood, and tourism. We implement numerous training programmes, courses and internships in collaboration with our local partner.

Umbria, Rome is an area famous around the world for its cuisine, long-standing viniculture and handicrafts. We organize internships for gastronomy, catering, tourism and hospitality students as well as training programmes and courses for teachers in those same fields, plus agriculture and handicrafts.